Download Our Guide: 4 Digital Marketing Strategies to Survive the End of Third-Party Cookies in Chrome

Google will phase out support for third-party cookie tracking tools in its Chrome browser by 2022. Will your marketing team be ready?

After a year of digital disruptions, there’s another one marketers and media buyers must deal with: the end of third-party cookies. Thanks to legislation meant to protect consumer information, invaluable third-party data is essentially being snatched away.

Due to the pandemic, it hasn’t made many headlines recently — but it’s still a big deal. That’s why teams from across Material teamed up to put together this guide: to help you not just survive but thrive as third-party cookies come to an end.

Download our eBook and learn how to:

  • Invest in capturing first-party data
  • Build brand equity
  • Capitalize on contextual advertising
  • Kill it with content marketing

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