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The Digital Transformation of Church's Chicken

Two years ago, national restaurant chain Church’s Chicken embarked on an ambitious new communications initiative, adopting a digital-first approach to its marketing and customer-loyalty efforts. The results have exceeded all expectations, with Church’s achieving a digital conversion rate of 16% and a 27% increase in mobile conversions. Meanwhile, order-ahead sales increased 540% in 2020, and active loyalty engagement increased by 40%. In short, the results were transformative across a broad swath of the company’s marketing and sales initiatives.

In this session of our Marketing Strategy Summit, Alan Magee, vice president of digital marketing and technology at Church’s, and Candice Garcia, associate director of connection at Material, explained how Church’s and Material worked together to achieve these incredible results. They explored why and how they reenvisioned the company’s web and mobile experiences to present more dynamic, visually driven, and data-informed content. 

Download our key takeaways and watch the full recording of this session to learn more.

Download the Takeaways and Watch the Recording:

Marketing Strategy Summit_Alan Magee

About Alan Magee


Alan Magee is vice president of digital marketing and technology for the national restaurant chain Church’s Chicken. As a highly skilled and innovative marketing leader, Alan’s broad scope of experience includes a unique combination of creative innovation, brand-building, design strategies, marketing technology, and revenue-generating multimedia marketing techniques in the execution of brand development for global organizations.


As a hands-on leader, Alan has expertise mentoring and motivating high-performing teams in the development and delivery of strategic campaigns across multiple marketing platforms to increase brand awareness and consumer engagement. He has a proven history of attaining exponential sales growth through the launch of digital marketing solutions and emerging technology.

Marketing Strategy Summit_Candice Garcia

About Candice Garcia 


Candice Garcia, associate director of connection at Material, has worked with clients that range from heavyweight champions to heavyweight brands. Candice’s experience in creating digital-first campaigns for high-profile clients has given her the knowledge and confidence to lead strategy and execution for award-winning campaigns and drive business results for her clients.





Marketing Strategy Summit_Amy Balliett

About Summit Host Amy Balliett


Amy Balliett is the senior fellow of visual strategy at Material. She is also the CEO and founder of Killer Visual Strategies, a Material company and an industry-leading visual communication agency that designs and executes communication and content marketing solutions for Fortune 1000 clients. Balliett is a thought leader in visual communication, and has spoken at more than 175 conferences around the globe, including SXSW, Content Marketing World, Adobe MAX, and SMX Advanced. She is also a teacher at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts, a LinkedIn Learning instructor, and an accomplished public and corporate speaker. She is the author of Killer Visual Strategies: Engage Any Audience, Improve Comprehension, and Get Amazing Results Using Visual Communication, which was named one of Porchlight's Best Business Books of 2020.